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Motu-nui Terminals

Motu-nui-Rams-TerminalsMotu-nui Terminals are farmed in partnership with David and Wendy Moore who are based at Waiorongo, Homewood – 50 minutes east of Masterton on the East Coast of the North Island.

In 2008 Motu-nui purchased a 350-ewe South Suffolk stud from Mrs Armstrong of Carterton. We were looking to satisfy the needs of our customer base and saw an increasing need for a terminal ram with high survivability, fast growth rates, and solid carcass yields.

The equation is simple – more twins born, more lambs surviving, and more of those lambs prime at weaning. We believe we have found the answer to this equation in breeding our Motu-nui Terminal. We transferred high quality Texel genetics to 2/3 of them while keeping 1/3 of the base breed, South Suffolk. The Terminals were run alongside the Romneys for five years here at ICA – that along with stringent culling and tough management weeded out any weaker animals. We were extremely harsh on them as we felt their constitution was poor, only the strongest have survived. Having nearly 500 ewes go to the ram this year allows us some real grunt when it comes culling.

The Motu-nui Terminal is a growthy, high yielding sheep with high survivability and maternal traits to boot. We consistently receive excellent feedback from our growing client base on our sires and the progeny they are producing.

The constitution of the Suff-Tex is a real strength of the Motu-nui Terminal – this has been highlighted in recent seasons where 80% of our ram hoggets were leased out for hogget mating and returned looking good having held their condition and proven their ability to get the job done.

Motu-nui Romneys Wairarapa New Zealand

One area that can often be overlooked in the selection of a Terminal sire is lamb survival at birth. By using the same maternal culling criteria we employ for our Romney flock in our Terminal flock, we are able to ensure we produce sires with proven maternal instinct, backed by full SIL data.

We have also put a strong emphasis on feet. This is one of the main reasons terminal sires aren’t lasting. We’re seeing some pleasing results from years of culling hard and love hearing positive reports from clients on the longevity of Motu-nui Terminals.

Motu-nui Terminals - Wendy & Davey Moore

Motu-nui Terminals – Wendy & Davey Moore

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