Wet as a shag!

Well what a dfference 3 weeks can make, right on time for lambing! Its quite surreal to only drive a couple of hours to the Manawatu/Rangitikei and drive across the front paddock in a car, where as we are lucky to get out of our woolshed holding paddock whitout getting stuck on the 4 wheeler in diff lock.

Other than the current spell of weather we have had a dream run leading into spring. Having scanned over 180% across the board we are going to need every blade of grass possible to grow on the hills of ICA. We still stuggle with growing alot of grass, but our ewes just keep doing the business. A 150% lambing all going plan should be acheived and the one we are really chasing is a mid 30kg weaner weight, I will keep you posted.

Give me call if you want to have a look around anytime.